Terms and Conditions

We are going to reveal all the terms and conditions, which must be known to our website visitors and clients. Please understand our T&C before you make use of any of our services. The website is completely run by our company, and you, as an entity or visitor, are making use of this website.

Agreements on the electronic data

Our company usually tracks any communication that is regularly carried out through our website or online platform. Every digital record is considered to be delivered, while they have been directed to a specific recipient properly. This record may access a system, which cannot be controlled by a recipient or any sender. Our site permits you in uploading or posting online content. However, you have to take the responsibility, whenever you want to transmit any material through our website. You need to remember that this material or content may be any data, recommendation, audio, message or some other things.

You shouldn’t upload those materials, which may have the possibility of containing viruses and some other damaged programs or files, intended for destroying the practicalities of software.

Files and copies at our site

In most of the cases, our company provides you with the documents as MS Word file. We may not assure the level of compatibility for these documents. However, we may store paper or electronic copies for files for an indefinite period.


All the contents, which you may find at our website, are in fact, the unique assets of our partners or our own team. And all of them are protected with legal support. We clearly reserve every right, associated with our own copyrights.

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Limitations on our responsibilities

If you use our website, then you have to consider that regardless of any kind of reason, we will never be responsible for accidental, indirect, direct or punitive damages.

Disclaimer of warranties

The services, offered through or on our website, and the contents on this platform are presented with no kind of warranty. Our company clearly disclaims every warranty, no matter whether it is implicit or explicit. However, this policy is limited not just for merchantability, title or non-infringement. Our company does not present any warranty that-

  • All web contents are free of error
  • The website will run in a safe way
  • It will not have any harmful or damaging code

So, it is only you, who have to take the safety measures to make sure that any data, you utilize from our platform does not have viruses or any destructive item.

Modifications made on T&C

We may do changes anytime to the software or contents, which are on the website. And this is done with no notice to the users. You need to recognize that by purchasing anything through our website, you have to agree to all the Terms, mentioned by our company. While you don’t acknowledge those Terms, you shouldn’t utilize or get to our website as well as its services and products.