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Linda Lewis

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About Linda Lewis
(95 / 100)
Name: Linda Lewis
Experience: Resume Writing
Certifications: Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Projects done: 215
Work with us: 3 year

Linda has more than 3 years of resume writing experience and she used to work in the human resource industry. Her experience in the HR department has taught her a great deal about the best way to compose resumes and she is an expert at drafting and constructing high-quality resumes that will make any client seem like they have it all together when they are applying for a position. Her resumes are focused and laid out well so anyone can understand all the information easily and the resumes are specially designed for easy navigating purposes, so the HR teams can quickly find what they are looking for when they consider your resume during shortlisting. She has exceptional language skills and always triple checks resume ensuring that the vocabulary, spelling, and layout are perfect. She is incredibly fast with her typing and can deliver high-quality curriculum vitae faster than you can dream. If you want a great looking curriculum vitae that contains relevant information that HR specialists want to read, then you can definitely leave your resume in her safe hands.

Samples & Examples by Linda Lewis
Nursing 1
Topic: Nurse RN Sample Resume-5
Number of page: 2
Urgency: 24 hours
Academic level: Executive
Subject area: Nursing
IT 1
Topic: IT Sample Resume-6
Number of page: 2
Urgency: 24 hours
Academic level: Professional
Subject area: IT
what customer are saying about Linda Lewis
Lukas Marek
Business Innovation Manager at ABC Company

I’ve become speechless after going through my resume! You’ve composed an amazing piece! I appreciate your way of rewriting my previous one, which had not given me any value. Your detailed study of my skills and background is excellent. I recommend all other candidates to hire your professionals for resume writing.

Amanda Polson
Marketing Manager Specialist at Glencore

It’s a memorable day for me when your well-thought-out resume has helped me to get a good job. The layout and elements, which you have added to it, perhaps have allowed the recruiters to read it. Thanks to all the professional resume writers, as you have given wonderful help for my career!

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