5 Steps to Writing a Stunning Resume

March 21, 2017 - POSTED TO Resume Tips
Everyone needs a good resume at some point in their life. Basic resume writing is covered in most school curriculums at least once but usually the information regarding resumes is very brief and extremely out of date because school curriculums hardly ever adapt this important aspect of your future as times and business practices change. The way you were taught to write a resume back in high school is probably very different from the new and modern way of creating resumes. Just take a brief glance at the resume templates that can be found on Google’s search engine results and you will immediately see a huge difference between the resume you were taught to create and the resumes that modern businessmen and businesswomen boast with. When you apply for a job, there are a lot of other candidates that also apply and many of them are likely to have the same qualifications and skills as you. If your resume lacks in quality or has any mistakes at all, then you can bet that the other candidates will be given preference because of the extra time that they were willing to take to create a more attractive, understandable, and easy to navigate resumes. With all the competitiveness for jobs, a good looking and professional resume is critical, so sit down, open that laptop of yours and take the time to work through these five steps so you can create a resume that will stand out from the resumes of all your competitors.

Step one – Search for the perfect template

If you don’t have graphic design skills and aren’t very creative, then a template is a must because you will spend a lot of time trying to create a good-looking resume and you will fail. There are thousands of free resume templates available online that are actually great looking. Look for a resume template that qualifies for the following criteria:
  • A resume template that has a beautiful yet simple and professional design. Resume templates may contain some details to improve their appeal, but they should never contain too much art designs because too much can make your resume seem confusing and will enlarge the file which will result in slow online applications and downloads.
  • The resume template design should match your occupation, or a desired occupation, or should be general enough to enable you to apply for any position.
  • The template should have room for everything you would like to add, such as experience, qualifications, personal details, and more.
You can also look for resume creating software online, although the software is often inflexible when it comes to creating a completely unique resume and can restrict you when it comes to certain information.

Step two – Start editing your resume.

Now that you have a template, it is time to change the details to suit your information. This is going to be a lot of work because there is a lot to change and you have to pay special attention to your wording so the end product will be professional and relevant. Your resume should include the following information:
  • Personal details, such as your full name, social security number, etc.
  • Contact details
  • High school qualification
  • Tertiary qualifications
  • Additional courses you may have taken
  • Other skills that you may have
  • Work experience
  • Community or voluntary work if you ever did any
  • Biography
  • Cover page
  • Application letter
Look through various templates and resume designs online so you have a good idea of everything that should be added and always include all institution and company names, duration of work and study, your duties, and so on, so those that look through your resume will get a good idea of what you are capable of.

Step three – Check for grammar and spelling

This is one of the most important steps. Spelling and grammar mistakes can make you seem completely unprofessional. Take your time to read through your resume and check it for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and ensure that your resume is detailed enough to provide all the information you would like to share yet short enough so it won’t waste anybody’s time.

Step four – Finishing touches

Now that you are relatively sure that all information you would like to include is there, it is time to add a few finishing touches. Ensure that your resume is spaced well and that all the bullet points, numbers, and lines line up straight. Ensure that there are no uneven spaces and that all fonts are the same size even in the headings. You can also add a bit of artwork if you want or perhaps add some color to certain words to highlight important events or institutions and to make your resume easier to navigate. It would be good if you could get someone with good work experience to check your resume for you so you can get some advice.

Step five – Exporting and printing

Now that you are sure that your resume is complete, it is time for the printing and exporting. You should create a virtual copy that you can upload and email anywhere by exporting your resume to a PDF, and include all of your certificates to that same PDF file. Your resume can be printed on plain white paper along with the copies of all certificates and identification documentation and if you are looking for a bit more uniqueness, then you can print your resume on colored paper and even bind your resume with transparent covers for a gorgeous finish.
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